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Perfect Getaway Tours Where You Can Travel Without Passport

Perfect Getaway Tours Where You Can Travel Without Passport

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? It is a dream of many to travel as many countries as possible in this lifetime. To travel any country, you need passport and visa of that country. But, for the Indian travellers, there are a few countries where they can travel without a passport.

Here are some of the countries you can visit without passport or visa:


Nepal is the neighbouring country of India where Indian are free to visit the country without any passport. You can also work in Nepal. You can stay in Nepal but you must have an ID proof issued by Indian government such as Adhaar card, voter ID card, passport etc. Visiting Nepal without a passport is possible due to good relationship between India and Nepal. You can book your flight to Nepal using Ixigo Offers with great deals.

In 1950s India and Nepal had signed India-Nepal Treaty Peace and Friendship. Since then there has always been a good relation between the two countries. So, Indian can go to Nepal safely and they don’t require visa. Nepal is surrounded by beautiful scenic beauty and famous Hindu temple Pavan Pashupatinath temple.


Mauritius is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Millions of tourists come to this country every year for vacation. You can also enjoy beautiful waterfalls, nature blue water, along with some water sports activities. To visit this beautiful country, Indians do not require a visa as both the countries have a good friendly relationship. Indians can visit Mauritius only with a passport and upon arriving in the country you will be allowed to stay in this country for 60 days.


Bhutan is a neighbouring country of India and is connected to Sikkim from one side. Indians do not need visa to visit Bhutan. Before visiting Bhutan you must have passport with you, identity proof which can be a certificate issued by the Indian government such as, voter ID, Adhaar card etc, and Indian currency are also accepted here. Bhutan is famous for the eastern parts of the Himalayas as well as for the Buddhist monasteries.


During the 17th and 18th centuries, English and Dutch explorers had found this place. Fiji is also known as the Fiji Island. The currency of this country is Fiji dollar. Viti levu and vanuya levu are the main archipelago. Most of the population of this country lives in this area. Due to forest, mineral and fishery resources, Fiji has one of the developed economic in this world. You can enjoy beautiful beach, scuba diving, corals, botanical garden, river trips and many other things can be done here. The government of this country has declared non-visa country to promote trade and tourism. Therefore, Indians can visit Fiji without a visa


Haiti is a Caribbean country near the Dominican Republic. Haiti is an island surrounded by natural beauty. It is a beautiful place to visit for a vacation. Despite being a non-Asian country, Indians can visit the country without a visa, although you will need t have passport. It is also a very affordable getaway destination for Indians due to low exchange rates.


Dominica is a small country in the Caribbean island and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are Morne Trois Pitons National park, boiling lake, Cabritis National Park, waterfalls and Emerald pools. Handmade biscuits and beautiful music are also one of the main attractions. The country has declared itself as visa free. In addition to this you can book you hotel at this place using Mobikwik Coupons with great discount.


It is a beautiful island which is near to Venezuela, and is famous for its organizing carnival worldwide. If you love forest and animals you must definitely visit this place. Indians in this country are allowed to travel without visa for 90 days. But, you must have passport whose validity is over 6 months. You must also have a return ticket to India. This rule is not only for tourist, rather people who are involved in the work process also.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the countries that you can visit either without a passport or visa or both. These beautiful places offer a wide range of attractions at low cost. You can visit these places easily and enjoy your vacation with friends and family without worrying about the visa or passport.